5 thoughts on “Love Factor: The Balancing of Two Urges”

  1. Awesome!!!! This is a really good article a lot of people don’t really know the true meaning of love and how powerful the urge of love is but you hit right on the head I love it!! I myself never deeply thought of love in different aspects until this article….. job well done now you have merr thinking.

  2. Okay this works. I identify with everything except the African American part. I’m 34. I’ve dated a lot but I’m just realizing I don’t think I’ve ever truly been in love. This has to do with me being needy and not knowing who I really am.

  3. This is Lauren. I remember you saying that. I had wanted to be on the front lines but I wasn’t upset at you because I knew you meant well. Hugs

  4. Illuminating! I enjoyed the article and it comparisons to a positive approach on love in the agreement of two individuals sharing this knowledge and these desires. This is perfect at such a pivotal point in my life. My views on this expression is partially emotional, but within a very engaging outlook!
    Thank you!

    1. Well, as you can see, my views are emotional as well, so thats not a bad thing. In only my opinion, the lack of emotion is the issue that creates a barrier to successful relationships today. So much of our socialization is negative and counter to the ideals and practices that foster successful and fruitful partnerships. The true question is how do like minds identify with eachother, and how do we, in our goal towards love, shed our love-inhibitions. There must be a balance between allowing love an opportunity, and sheilding one’s self from becoming an opportunity for someone who wears the mask of love. I say, give what you feel an opportunity, and allow time and actions to prove what it really is. I can tell that you have this under wraps; I believe in you!

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