White on White Crime: Unbiased at Last

In November I started protesting police brutality starting with the famous Black Friday protest on the magnificent mile. I was extremely proud after the Black Friday protest. I thought we were all going to fight this thing, and all races were united. I didn’t see how anyone could not be pleased about it; I was wrong. I posted things on Facebook and all of my right wing relatives said, “What about Tyshawn Lee?,” and why don’t they protest “black on black crime” in their own neighborhood.


I live on the south side of Chicago and I can proudly state that we do protest crime in our own neighborhoods. We are furious about about the deaths and the killings. One of the many priests on the south side just had a huge peace march on Sunday <http://patch.com/illinois/beverly-mtgreenwood/fr-pfleger-time-church-break-code-silence-0&gt; and it was far from his first, but the media never covers them. All of the activists I know have held rallies on gun violence. Some of them even call it “black on black” crime as well even though I don’t agree with that term.

I don’t appreciate the term “black on black” crime as was deemed by Fox News (http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/07/21/foxs-wallace-lectures-civil-rights-leaders-and/194991) because it’s used as a diversion tactic whenever the issue of police brutality and the black lives matter movement is brought up. This started with Trayvon Martin, which I followed intensely and I can remember my blood pressure going up because I was sick of hearing about it, and i experience heavy nausea.


Exactly what are we classifying as crime to begin with, because white collar crime <https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/white_collar&gt; is one of the main sources of harm to people of all races, and it’s largely committed by whites. The perpetrators are rarely tried or found guilty put in prison.  Furthermore the perpetrators of mass shootings are usually white, not black, yet the media never puts the focus on their color. <http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/27/us/mass-shootings/&gt;

The term “black on black” crime leads people to believe that black people are barbarians who kill each other all of the time. As I’ve grown up around a lot of black people, I don’t think this is fair, and if you are going to use that terminology you should also pay attention to the other types of crime and who is perpetrating them and also start using the term “white on white crime”. When we are classifying things by color, it’s nothing but racism; plain and simple.

Written by: Lauren Meltzer

The Trump Effect and Its Global Implications


This report is about the “Trump Effect” what its done so far and what it will do in the future. It will examine the effects of Trumps candidacy on students, teachers, minority groups as well as its socioeconomic consequences on a national and international scale.

National Effects
Whether you know it or not the “Trump Effect” has unfortunately taken its toll on America and the presidential race. Its more than obvious that his toxic hate rhetoric has reverberated, even through different candidates desperate for support. Since he is the Republican front runner coupled with his influence, other politicians have adopted this outrageous hate rhetoric to garner more supporters. This inhumane rhetoric is mainly aimed at the Latino and Muslim American communities and unfortunately 31 states have implemented strategies to terrorize and alienate these groups.

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has sued the federal government and a nonprofit relief agency to keep refugees out. Indiana’s refusal forced one family to seek refuge in Connecticut. Georgia is seeking to deny displaced Syrians federal benefits, like food stamps, and keep their children out of school.2 These are just a couple of the examples we’ve seen thus far so imagine how many more inhuman policies are being set in place by various politicians and their sponsors.


According to an article published by the LA Times4, Donald Trump in office would be detrimental to the nations’ as well as the global economy. The reason being is because his policies are “vague, grandiose or politically unfeasible”. A major sector that would plummet is healthcare because he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare.

Over the past four years under ACA the S&P Healthcare index has risen 86%. This means that any disruption of growth in that sector would most likely have a negative impact on healthcare stocks.

Mr. Trump also plans on enforcing tariffs on exports from China and other nations. A tariff is “a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports”. With that being said China and others, may impose their own tariffs in response, which would most likely result in a tax war. Right now rice is $2.44 a pound, now imagine if it jumped up to $7.80 post-Trump. Puts it in perspective doesn’t it?

Trumps tax proposal is extremely far fetched because he’s proposing tax cuts across all income levels. It sounds good on paper, but what wasn’t said is that it’ll create a $9.6 trillion federal deficit over the next decade which would directly affect federal spending.5
On April 13th, 2016 the Southern Poverty Law Center1 released a study that examined the effects of Trumps’ presidential campaign on students as well as teachers. The survey was conducted by Teacher Tolerance and ranged from K-12 both teachers and students alike. Here are the highlights:

• More than two-thirds of the teachers reported that students—mainly immigrants, children of immigrants and Muslims—have expressed concerns or
fears about what might happen to them or their families after the election.

• More than half have seen an increase in uncivil political discourse.

• More than one-third have observed an increase in anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiment.

• More than 40 percent are hesitant to teach about the election.

Unfortunately his campaign is effecting how our children will think in this country for decades.

This effect can be seen beyond twelfth grade as seen in Southern Illinois University at
Carbondale where racial tensions have increased with Trump’s hate rhetoric. He makes it cool to be discriminatory and prejudiced which is detrimental to stability of our society. One instance describes how Leilani Bartlett, a freshman at SIUC, attended a political forum in her dorm and racial slurs began to be thrown around. A short time after Leilani posted a video on Facebook that’s garnered attention. Another instance at the university describes how two black fraternity members attempted to enter a white fraternity’s party and were denied entry. Who really knows what those reasons were.


International Implications

On an international scale if Trump becomes president he would damage the global economy and the small ties we have in the Middle East will indefinitely be severed. In an article published by The Guardian an organization called the Economist Intelligence Unit updated their list of global threats, and in twelfth place was the possibility of Donald Trump being sworn into America’s presidential office. The Economist Intelligence Unit an independent business within The Economist Group providing forecasting and advisory services through research and analysis, such as monthly country reports, five-year country economic forecasts, country risk service reports, and industry reports. Trumps anti-Muslim hate speech and his talk of putting troops on the ground in Syria to fight the Islamic State, coupled with his ban on all Muslim travel to the US would result in an increase of jihadist groups. “The spread of IS [Isis] and its influence poses a dilemma for global policymakers, who are under pressure to intervene militarily to suppress the group in its strongholds in the Middle East [especially now that hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are seeking sanctuary in Europe], but which in turn would risk reprisals in their home countries by radicalized IS sympathizers.”7 The instability of Greece and the spread of IS may result in more countries leaving the European Union. The spread of Isis would create ripples all over the world and it seems like Trump has some stock in weaponry. Trumps trade policies also have the potential to escalate into a trade war with China.

“A hard landing for the Chinese economy remains the biggest threat to the world economy, according to the EIU. It said China’s manufacturing and service sectors were continuing to deteriorate, hampering the government’s efforts to tackle bad debts that had built up since the financial crisis. Recent plunges on the Shanghai stock market – down 17% so far this year – have undermined confidence in Beijing’s ability to manage the crisis.”

What we need to do!
With the information presented its obvious that something drastic need to be done in
order to keep Trump out of office, but its definitely bigger than Trump. Trump is just a part of a system that allows him and others like him to do what they want to do. The capitalist system is not for the people, it’s for the dollar. Knowing this, we all need to unite as one to combat the system and its various tentacles. The system is for the dollar but we’re for the people, hence the #HUMANECAMPAIGN. The #HUMANECAMPAIGN is for anyone that wants to promote life and have a safer future for our offspring. Whatever your motivation is there a place for you to express that, from police brutality to the school to prison pipeline. These examples are just a few of the issues that affect us nationally as well as globally, change and accountability is needed in order to secure our future.

Written By: Liberty Or Death

Trumps effect –Nationally
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Trumps Effect- Internationally
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A Letter to the Women of Revolutionary Combat



To make a public apology, and inquire about how the populous of revolutionary women want to engage in combat.

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This letter is directed towards all of the women who served in revolutionary combat on December 19, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois. During the demonstration, there was a lot of emotion and energy in the atmosphere. During one point of the march, we citizens encountered our first standoff against the police state. During that time, it was clear that police had drawn a line in the sand, and for a moment, it appeared as if we were almost ready to cross that line by force and number. During that moment, my instinct told me to order the children and women to the rear ranks. I proceeded to do the same each time confrontation was a possibility.

After the demonstration of power, I agreed to go to the 18th precinct to await the release of the only person to be arrested by the Chicago Police Department (three people received citations). A friend that came with the arrestee approached Ja’Mal Green and I, and told us that his friend was arrested while no one was looking. Ja’Mal then called the precinct, and they confirmed that he was there. A lawyer was dispatched to the jail for him, and his friend and I left to see to the safe release of our comrade.

When we got there I met the most beautiful black queen in uniform. She was very kind and warm; she seemed much more like a friend’s mother than a police officer. A friend’s mother I’d flirt with, might I add. She kept us up to date with his processing, and we had a very funny conversation. During the almost two hour wait, the friend of the arrestee walked to a nearby restaurant to get us some fried jumbo shrimp. He hyped them up to be a bit more than they actually were, but they were good indeed. I was especially thrilled when she announced that he was being released. She was an amazing woman, but not amazing enough to make me want to kick the bobos in the precinct!

On the ride back home, I found myself engaged in conversation with my two brothers of the struggle. We spoke on a wide range of topics, but one stuck with me enough to make me write this blog. The arrested demonstrator brought up the calls for Black men to move to the front ranks of the group; the calls that I initiated. He said that some women might’ve taken that offensive. It might’ve been perceived as a minimization of the capabilities of women in revolutionary combat. He mentioned how women were on the frontlines, and actively engaged in battle in contemporary warfare. I pleaded my case until the moment where we positively agreed to disagree.

Black Queens Fight

I haven’t forgotten that conversation, and I finally mustered the courage to confront this topic. So, to the revolutionary woman, I apologize if I offended any of you. My intensions were to build a protective covering over all women and children. I personally have come to believe that men should be on the frontlines. I no longer want to make offensive statements, so revolutionary woman, what role do you want to play? Is it offensive to want to protect the vessels of human life?

***I’d like to try something different this time. I love the support that you all give me, and I love all of the support. If you found this blog informative and/or interesting, PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT!!!! Thank you so much, and be blessed. Signing off, but never offline!***

Tale of a Beautiful People: A Complete Spectrum

Today is December 19, 2015, and it is currently 1:41pm. Who cares what time it is one may ask. The answer is, me! There has never been a time more important than now to be politically, economically, and spiritually active. This country has seen many revolutions over the course of it’s history, but the Chicago Communal Revolution is one of epic importance. Why do I chase protests on a day such as today; seeking to find a peripheral to utilize all of the energy I have held captive inside of me? Actually, it was yesterday (December 18, 2015), but I haven’t slept so it doesn’t count. I do it because I’ve been searching my whole life for a place I can find a giant bath tub of love.IMG_20151218_150646745_HDR

Freedom is love. Freedom, to me, is the absence of oppression; be it external or internal. When looking from an individual perspective, my bad habits, cognitive processes, biases, and lack of knowledge all hold me down. Taming them is truly a man’s defining accomplishment. Well, today, none of those negative qualities mattered. I was a freedom fighter, I was an outcast, and I was a rebel! That didn’t make it a loving atmosphere; that was done by the hundreds of other people who showed up to support African people here in America, and internationally.

There were at least one hundred white people who stood, and marched, and fought, and cried, and screamed with us. It filled me with a joyful spirit that gave me moments of flight; as if God himself was carrying me across the city. I’m not talking about one event either, because I was up early this morning at midway airport blocking traffic to the country’s 25th largest airport. That event was an appetizer though. It was amazing, and invigorating. It was powerful, well organized, strategic, and effective, but indeed it left me thirsty for more.

I walked across the street contemplating the evening’s revolt. I stopped in Dunkin Donuts for my usual medium coffee, 1 cream, and 1 sugar, and a white woman paid for my coffee. She walked out as I looked at the cashier, hot tears teetering on the lids of my eyes. My body was given strength, as if God knew I would need more love to fight the evil that was laying before me. As I boarded the CTA orange line train towards the loop from Midway, I saw a beautiful young black sister that I had seen several times during the demonstration. She smiled at me, with the secretive insiders smile. The smile that says, we aren’t robots, and society hasn’t been programmed to interpret it.

We spoke for a short time, but I was very captivated by this woman. It felt as if I had met her before. Not just that, she is my Black sister feeling either. But anyway, I asked her how she found out about the airport demonstration. She explained that she had met the organizer at the Black Friday Protests last month. We ended up talking for a nice moment, and somehow she mentioned that she was a civil rights attorney. I was shocked, only because she looked so young. She asked me about how long I’ve been writing, and I told her going on five years, but I took a hiatus. It was a very intriguing conversation, but even more, it reminded me of the progress that Black people have made. I spent the next 15 minutes on the train in silence, gazing blankly out the window; for once I was allowed to soak up the feeling of success.

I got off the orange line at Roosevelt, and rode back south into the city. I had lost my headphones at the demonstration, so I couldn’t drown the world out with music like I usually do. That was actually a blessing, and allow me to explain why. Had I been wearing them, I would’ve never spoke to that woman on the train, and I would’ve never heard God when he spoke. I found myself on the last car of the train soliciting information to patrons about the coming protest, and explaining my love and good wishes for them. I spoke to them about my sheer hatred for Black on Black violence in my neighborhoods. I explained that I’d sacrifice my life in defense of any of our children. When I finished with each car of the train, I told them how much I loved them, and to keep us in their prayers if they couldn’t make it to the protest. One old lady was sitting down, and she stopped me after my speech with her soft, beautiful, and experienced voice. She removed her tan wool glove from over her beautifully aged caramel black hands, and spoke to me, “I want to shake your hand baby, thank you”. I instantly rebutted, while reaching out my hand, “no, I am shaking your hand, I remember the Chicago School Movement; I’m just picking up where you left off Queen.” She smiled, and I shook her hand, and walked away quickly before tears began to flow from my eyes. Yes, I am very emotional for some odd reason.IMG_20151218_100954230_HDR

I stopped at the house for no particular reason at all. I flopped onto the futon for 10 minutes then, got up to leave for the next protest. I got downtown and stood in front of the place for 30 minutes until it was about to start. I then started to ask questions. Well, comes to find out, I’ve been standing in the wrong darn spot for all this time, and missed the very beginning of the protest. There was at least 100 people there when I got there. By mid-demonstration, that number would grow to at least 600-700 people.

The crowd listened on as the event organizer, Ja’Mal, and a few other important revolutionaries addressed the public. They began to get the crowd pumped through the use of energetic, catchy, and exciting chants. Maybe 1 hour into the revolt, and I looked around, and there were every type of happy, enthusiastic, angry, disgusted, and united people there is on this planet. I mean people of all races, social class, and cultures. Hell, there was even a woman there from Ferguson. I ran, at least countless amounts of times, from the frontline to the rear ranks to both spread information, and to talk to these people. I got a chance to help white people, brown people, red people, and yellow people. See, that’s the thing about revolutions; they unite people! Which leads me to know that a revolution is the removal of the veil of hatred, prejudice, envy, jealousy, and self-loathing.

The protest lasted at least five hours. I’d hate to be the blogger dishing out inaccurate information, so I’ll leave that to someone else to publish. They key of this blog is to tell you that there is no better feeling than the freedom that love provides. Love is protection, caring, sacrifice, compromise, gentleness and sometimes firmness. All of these things were laid on the line today to call for the unity of all Chicagoans, to demand justice for Laquan McDonald, and to remove Rahm Emmanuel and Anita Alvarez from their current positions. What do I want you to take from this? Get up and fight, or lay down and be brutalized. Either way the whips will crack; my wounds will be on my face, as opposed to my back. Signing off, but never offline.

Written By: Eugene ‘Geno’ Stanley

Chicago Communal Revolution